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Personnel Administration Supervisor (Working Location: Qingxi, Dongguan) 2019.2.15
1. College degree or above, two years or above relevant work experience, outstanding recruitment experience;
2. Familiar with the national labor and personnel laws and regulations, and can be used in practice;
3, work meticulous, serious, responsible, strong writing skills, strong communication and coordination and language skills;
Purchasing Assistant (Working Location: Shenzhen Guanlan / Dongguan Qingxi) 2019.2.15
1. Technical secondary school or above, proficient in using office software such as Word/Excel, cheerful personality, one-year or so civilian work experience, and experience in purchasing work;
2. Obey the distribution, obey the command, and strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations and relevant regulations;
3. Responsible for the company's material procurement work;
4. Responsible for the purchase order and delivery note to enter the work;
5. Responsible for the settlement of payment materials and reconciliation at the end of the month;
Battery Protection Board Engineer (Working Location: Qingxi, Dongguan) 2019.2.15
1. College degree or above, major in electronic technology;
2, familiar with AltiumDesigner09, PROTEL99, PADS, CAD design software, can independently design schematic diagram, PCB wiring;
3. Have more than 2 years experience in design and development of power battery protection board, familiar with the charging and discharging characteristics of various lithium batteries;
Financial Accounting (Working Location: Qingxi, Dongguan) 2019.2.15
1. College degree or above, major in economics such as financial accounting or financial management;
2. Have more than 1 year relevant work experience;
3. Familiar with national tax regulations and related tax policies;
4. Familiar with banking business and tax filing process;
5. Skilled application of financial software and office software;
Quality inspection (work location: Shenzhen Guanlan / Dongguan Qingxi) 2019.2.15
1. Experience in the incoming inspection/process inspection/shipment inspection of the electronics industry is preferred, and the quality inspection process is familiar;
2. Familiar with the use of basic inspection instruments;
3, have a higher quality awareness and quality concept, have a good communication skills, strong sense of responsibility, obey the leadership, can bear hardship;
4. Have a certain degree of communication and coordination, analytical and resolving ability and cooperation spirit, and a serious and responsible work attitude;