Lithium ion battery " one-stop" solution


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BMS/PCM battery protection boards

13S 48V BMS with weak current switch PCM-L13S30-E73(A-2)

battery protection board for 4S Lithium ion batteries PCM-L04S04-E89

battery protection board with working current 7A PCM-L03S10-F42

battery protection board 6S 10A For lithium ion batteries PCM-L06S10-E82

battery protection board 15A For 4S lithium ion battery pack PCM-L04S15-F87

battery protection board 8A For 2S Lithium battery pack PCM-L02S08-D26

battery protection board 100A For 16S Lithium battery pack PCM-L16S100-F83

BMS/PCM with SBS V1.1 Communication for 7S Li-ion/LiFePO4 Battery Pack (BQ40Z80)PCM-L07S20-F31

Cell balance board PCM-B01S20-504 80*31.5mm for 1S Li-ion/LiFePO4

Cell balance board For 1S Li-ion/LiFePO4 battery

Cell balance board PCM-B04S12-451 35*35mm for 4S Li-ion/LiFePO4

Cell balance board PCM-B01S10-394 70*20mm for 1S Li-ion/LiFePO4

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